Our Story
    Our story began in 2003 when Valeria Senkina decided to launch her practice in the sphere of sophisticated luxury interior design. Since then, we have created and conducted around a hundred projects in the UK, Continental Europe and other countries.

    Every one of our projects is authentic, unique and is designed specifically for the client with local peculiarities.

    Valeria is the CEO and founder. In collaboration with leading galleries, Valeria offers a professional selection of art. Our projects are featured in many media devoted to lifestyle, architecture, and interior design.

    Valeria is actively participating in professional events as a speaker or as an expert.

    She is a member of The British Institute of Interior Design (UK's only professional institute for interior designers) and accredited by The Society of British & International Interior Design (SBID).

    Valeria Senkina
    CEO and Founder
    We are young and innovative.

    We diligently observe global trends and fashion, attending all noticeable industrial events and shows.

    We create beautiful spaces addressing clients' needs and expectations.
    • How we came up with our name?
      Four English words were blended to create this new specialty word. First of all, it means something to see, to imagine. That leads us to vision, as this is key for fulfilling any kind of dream. After dream and vision is decision.
      In terms of design, our search for something that rings the bell required a final suitable word and Dseesion was exactly that.
    Beauty of Space
    An attractive and harmonious looking interior is a cornerstone to our aesthetics. We focus on convenient and functional floor planning, the use of natural and artificial light and shades according to aperture heights and ceilings.

    We keep in mind an 'impression scenario' - the way our clients and their guests see and feel the living space overall.
    We are committed to principles of sustainability and use certified eco-friendly materials.

    We actively implement contemporary technologies aimed to prolong life and quality, including home farms which can be a great source of fresh, clean and healthy vegetables.
    Smart Home & Security
    We have significant knowledge and experience in smart home technology.

    We integrate digital systems to monitor air quality, control lighting and heating, ensure physical safety and cybersecurity.

    Needless to say, such systems consist of solutions and elements produced by proven manufacturers. They are reliable and almost maintenance-free and they can be easily controlled remotely through smart applications.
    Art & Craftsmanship
    Art and craftsmanship brings intellect and sophistication and complements our contemporary interiors. Once we have received a client's requirements, we search and select unique or rare objects of art and design.

    We work in close collaboration with renowned galleries in France, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and many other countries.

    Comprehensive approach to creating an ideal interior - space, light, acoustics, view, texture, sensation and eco-benefits.
    Innovative acquisition programme for furnishings, art and materials.
    Highly automated project management and design saves your time and money.
    A client-oriented team through the design process to the finished product.
    Our business relationships are transparent and open, yet highly confidential.
    Professionalism and integrity at all stages to create our best work.
    Awards & Recognition