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    Interior Design Yearbook, Issue 2022
    Living & Design住宅美學, Taiwan, Issue 139 Cover Story 08.04.2022
    Quintessense,中文可以翻譯成第五元素, 也就是被視為地、水、火、風以外構成宇宙的元 素。此外,它還是一間位於莫斯科知名富人區的 身心調養機構。該中心面積逾百坪,設計師當初 被業主要求創造出俄羅斯獨有的裝修風格,並且 必須具備多功能性,好讓每一個空間都能被妥善 利用,同時最大程度確保客戶的隱私。
    Spacial Magazine, Issue 1 Privacy 07.03.2022
    The Plisse light fixtures designed by Maurizio Galante serve as jewels in an apartment in Khamovniki, a prominent Moscow quarter. The reconstruction was carried out by the Dseesion studio – architect Valeria Senkina and designer Julia Lenskaya.
    House Beautiful UK Dec 17, 2021
    Expect everything from dark and moody colors to upholstered headboards.
    The Art Of Luxury Issue 49
    Luxury interior designer practice Dseesion has over 18 years expertise in creating exquisite homes around the world. Their dynamic team ensures every project is focused on the principles of Beauty of Space, Ecology, Smart Home & Security, Art & Craftsmanship.
    Love Happens Mag 7.10.2021
    SALON Magazine Oct 2021. Cover Story
    The Art Of Design 12.07.2021
    Valeria Senkina founded luxury interior designer practice Dseesion Interiors in 2003 and they have over 18 years expertise in creating exquisite homes, creating and conducting more than a hundred projects in Russia, and in Europe.
    The Times 09.07.2021
    Where possible, all materials in a child's room should be pleasant to touch and environmentally friendly, says Valeria Senkina, founder of the design company Dseesion, while modular furniture provides longevity as it can be rearranged as kids grow.
    Design Week 11.05.2021
    This month's selection comes from across the world, with projects from the likes of Georgia, Istanbul, Russia and London catching our eye.
    Architectural Digest Russia Feb 2021
    This week's instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features a wellness centre design by SBID Awards Finalist, Dseesion Interiors. This is a unique high-tech wellness centre, situated in the most prestigious residential area of Moscow...
    Coveted Magazine 8.10.2020
    Among the most relevant interior design trends for 2021, Luxury Minimal Design is a top one. That's right – more and more people are turning to more clear spaces filled with few furniture pieces. But when it comes to filling the house, many people are turning to materials, furniture and accessories with a luxury touch, not to mention also handcrafted and made from purer materials.
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